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Creative Self Defense / Hapkido Defense


Self Defense
Self-defense is a demonstration of martial arts skills in a dynamic situation, involving two or more martial artists who choreograph a routine that demonstrates timing and teamwork and that demonstrates basic defense techniques in a combat-like situation. Judges look for sound skills and techniques, alertness, balance, and controlled response in fast, realistic situations, and for a well-planned routine that reflects real fight situations and rapid exchanges.

Judging Criteria
The judging criteria for synchronized forms follow those for forms, including:
+ Technical Skills/Accuracy
- Accurate striking and blocking of targets (e.g. middle punch to solar plexus, back fist to philtrum/nose level, etc).
- Accuracy of basic movements and balance
- Application of technique
- Breathing properly
+ Presentation
- Mental Concentration (eyes focused on opponent)
- Speed and Power
- Expression of Energy
- Strength, rhythm, balance, timing

Time Limit
Competitors shall not exceed two (2) minutes to complete their self-defense routine. Every 10 Seconds after the two minutes have elapsed, the competitor will be issued a 0.1 point deduction.

Scoring Procedures
Scoring for Self-Defense competition is performed by black belt judges in each ring. The judges score performances on a scale from 5.11 to 9.99. When three judges are scoring, the score shall be determined by combining all three scores. When five judges are scoring, the highest score and the lowest score will be eliminated then the remaining three (3) scores will be totaled. In the case of a tie, the highest and lowest scores will be added back in to determine the winner.