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Padded Weapons Sparring

WUMA Padded Weapon Sparring Competition Rules© I. Equipment:
  1. Contestants must wear a padded helmet, eye protection, groin cup for male competitors, and chest protector. Face covering on headgear is highly recommended.
  2. Competitors must provide their own equipment. Weapons must pass a referee’s weapon inspection.
II. Matches: 1. All under Black Belt matches will consist of 2 rounds, each 1½ minutes long with a 30 second, break between rounds. 2. Black Belt matches will consist of 2 two‐minute rounds with a 30‐second break between rounds. 3. In both cases the winner will be the contestant scoring the most points during the match. 4. In the event of a tie, a 1 minute round of sudden death will occur; the first contestant scoring a point will win the match. 5. If there is still a tie at the end of 1‐minute sudden death the winner will be determined by which competitor has the fewest penalties and warnings. In the event the number of penalties and warnings are equal, the winner will be determined by the judges’ majority decision of superiority. III. Point Scoring: Techniques must show speed and power to receive a score. 1. Three points will be awarded for a head strike to include the neck, 2 points for a strike to the body between the collar bone and hip, and 1 point the limbs to include the arms below the shoulder to the wrist and the legs below the hip to the ankle. 2. Additional point (one) will be awarded for the following: a) A jumping or “air” strike with both feet off the floor to a legal target area b) A turning or spinning technique to a legal target area c) A kick to the body (the torso between collar bone and hip bone) accompanying a strike with the weapon to a legal target area. There are to be no kicks to the spine. 3. Points will be given by majority verification. a) If a referee or corner judge sees a point they will call for the match to stop. The referee will call for verification. The point will be awarded to the first contestant to score according to majority decision of the referee and judges during verification. b) In case of a clash, the first competitor to strike will get the point or the last the competitor delivering the last clean hit. c) After the point is awarded the match will resume. Time will stop for verification. d) If any opponent loses his/her footing and falls to the ground he/she may fight from the ground for up to 10 seconds or until the match is stopped for verification of point. e) If any contestant loses his weapon, the opponent automatically receives one point. Under no circumstances will strikes be delivered to an unarmed opponent. IV. Warnings/Penalties/Disqualification 1. Penalties will be worth 1 point to be awarded to the competitor against whom the violation was committed. 2. An accumulation of 6 penalties that caused a deduction of points will result in an automatic disqualification. 3. Penalty violations include: a) Attacking an unarmed opponent b) Attacking after Kal‐yeo (break) has been called c) Causing an injury serious enough that opposing competitor cannot continue the match d) Illegal techniques: striking the groin, sweeping, striking with the butt of the weapon, punching, kicking to head, legs, or spine. e) Unsportsmanlike conduct: profanity, disobeying a referee, disrupting the competition either by coaches or support groups. f) Running away to intentionally avoid the fight. g) Repeatedly going out of bounds to avoid the fight. h) Penalties will be decided by a majority vote of the judges. i) The same applies for the decision to disqualify. j) Two warning signals by the referee may be given for minor infractions with the third warning resulting in one point being awarded to the opposing competitor.