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Arnis Competition Rules

ARNIS COMPETITION RULES GENERAL FORMAT The Arnis Martial Arts Competition is a continuous, full contact, live weapon, stick fighting venue. Competitors will fight each other with sticks – slender, cylindrically-shaped rattan weapons in 2 round matches at 1 minute per round with 30 seconds of rest between rounds. This is an open-style competition. Competitors will compete in an open matted surface whose inbound space ranges from 15’x15’ to 20’x20’. Single stick fighting and double stick fighting contests will be conducted in a round robin tournament format. All matches will be scored by judges using a 10-point must system. Divisions of these contests will be based on weight, age, gender, rank and martial arts experience level. PAIRINGS AND FORMAT The tournament format will at the discretion of tournament officials. In adult divisions, we will try as much as possible to form pairs that are within 8% of each other by weight. Directors will combine divisions where competitors are scarce. In those cases, the directors are authorized to adjust rules for fairness without compromising the primary objective – to showcase martial skill and reward those that are better able to use their weapon. Fighters will be evaluated based on accumulation of points on all matches combined. Gold, silver, and bronze medals will be awarded in each division to fighters accumulating the highest scores. If two fighters accumulate equal scores, the following will apply: • If the pair previously fought, precedence will be given to the fighter who achieved the higher point total during their match. • If the pair previously fought to a tie or never fought, then tie-breaker will be decided by best of three, weapon only point fight. Judges will only count head shots. RULES OF ENGAGEMENT • Opponents will begin and end all matches with a salute or bow to each other and the judges. • Referee will position fighters beyond largo range at the start of every round. • Only attacks with the stick and feet are allowed. • Hits, slashes, and witticks are all legal. Punots, pokes and stabs are all illegal. • Target areas are: 1) front and sides of the body, 2) arms and hands, 3) top, front and sides of the helmet. • Kicks are allowed below the neck and above the waist only. • In single stick competition, it is NOT legal to block a stick with your free hand. However, “arm stopping” at quarto range or arm checking is allowed. • Fighters are required to exhibit a realistic defense (movement, parrying, intelligent blocking…) • No takedowns. No grappling, wrestling or hooking. • No pushing or striking with any part of your body. • No foot sweeps or throws, thrusting or butt strikes, 2 handed strikes. • No strikes or kicks below the waistline or direct strikes to the back. • No kicks below the waist or above the neck. • No knee strikes or elbow strikes. • Checks may be used to create distance but may NOT be directed to the face. Checks are allowed below the neck and above the waist free hand or two hands on weapon (AKA rifle checking). • Trapping and parrying are allowed. Locking and holding are not. • An instantaneous “Hold and Hit” with immediate release is allowed. • In the event inaction or ineffective action in the clinch, referee will call time and break clinch. • Disarms must be immediate, or have an immediate release (1 – 2 rule applies). • Joints may not be locked or twisted for a disarm. • You may use the ring to control the action. You may not use it to avoid action. • To signal surrender or stop action for an injury, equipment failure, etc., raise both hands and back up. Do not turn away. CORNER AND COACHING Fighter is required to have at least one corner person with maximum of two. Coaching may only be done during break in the action. Corner men are not to communicate with their fighter while action is in progress. Do not remove any equipment, until the end of the match. Helmet may be removed between rounds. JUDGING, SCORING & OFFICIATING All matches scored by 3 judges on the “10 Point Must” system prior to deductions. Deductions will be issued by referee only. Judges may issue bonus points for exemplary technique. Referee will ID rule infractions, issue warnings and mandatory point deductions. Scoring is based on: Quantity of strikes, Effectiveness of Striking and Ring Generalship. In single stick competition, disarms shall be scored as part of the match as a mandatory point deduction. 3 disarms will result in a TKO. The 3 disarm rule may be waived at the tournament directors discretion. In double stick competition, a fighter will not be deducted if disarmed – the fighter will continue to fight with one weapon until the end of the round. A fighter who loses both weapons will automatically lose the match. PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT AND ETIQUETTE OF ATHLETES, COACHES AND SPECTATORS All participants are expected to exhibit professional behavior. Excessive foul language and un-sportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated by any fighters, coaches, or spectators. Fighters and coaches will not discuss fights with the judges or referees while tournament is in progress. EQUIPMENT All participants must make provisions for the required weapons and equipment. Prior to the start of all matches, fighters will submit to weapon and equipment will be inspection by referee and judges. The required equipment is as follows: • WEKAF armor (Headgear, armored gown) • Protective full fingered gloves or WEKAF stick fighting gloves. • Elbow pads, forearm pads, knee pads, protective cup and shoes are mandatory. • T-shirts, pants (or shorts) • Rattan sticks.