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Synchronized Forms

*** All synchronized forms teams will compete against one another, regardless of sex, age, rank, or discipline ***


Group Synchronized Forms
Group synchronized forms involve a team of 2 or more martial artists jointly performing a choreographed routine together. In addition to aesthetic beauty combined with the power of a dynamic fighting art, basic skills and distinct techniques, and balance and grace, judges look for coordinated focus and flow in the collective performance. Synchronized teams who wish to use music will be permitted but will be responsible for providing the music and music system.

Judging Criteria
The judging criteria for synchronized forms follow those for forms, including:
+ Technical Skills/Accuracy
- Accurate striking and blocking of imaginary targets (e.g. middle punch to solar plexus, back fist to philtrum/nose level, etc).
- Accuracy of basic movements and balance
- Application of technique
- Breathing properly
+ Presentation
- Mental Concentration (eyes focused on opponent)
- Speed and Power
- Expression of Energy
- Strength, rhythm, balance, timing
- Approximately at least 75% of the form should be synchronized. If it is apparent to the judges that 75% of the form is not synchronized, the score will be lowered. Judges have discretion and final decision of the breakdown of synchronization. If a certain sequence of movements is intentionally asynchronous (but performed sequentially), there will be no deduction.
- Synchronization includes defensive responses to offensive techniques.
- Movement of transition is important. Participants can break from the group to transition into a different part of the routine, but this should be done in a smooth and organized way.

Time Limit
Competitors shall not exceed three (3) minutes to complete their synchronized form routine. Every 10 Seconds after the three minutes has elapsed, the competitor will be issued 0.1 point deduction.

Scoring Procedures
Scoring for synchronized forms competition is performed by black belt judges in each ring. The judges score performances on a scale from 5.11 to 9.99. When three judges are scoring, the score shall be determined by combining all three scores. When five judges are scoring, the highest score and the lowest score will be eliminated then the remaining three (3) scores will be totaled. In the case of a tie, the highest and lowest scores will be added back in to determine the winner.